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Reliv International An Enterprise Review

In reviewing Reliv International, you are going to get an insight, not only into the business but also their products, opportunity and mission.

Incorporated in 1988, this family run business is based around values that reflect throughout the whole organisation. The Chief Executive Officer Robert L Montgomery and his wife Sandy are the founders and the establishment is debt free and publicly traded on the stock market.

The original product was developed by Dr Theodore Kalogris and it was already having an effect of people even before Reliv was an organization. Dr Theodore lived his life by a mandate to "Be ashamed to die before you have score a victory for mankind" As he was the longest funded scientist in the World Health Organisation and a Haematologist, he knew the body from a celluar level and knew the usefulness of balanced nutrition.

As a result of injuries he sustained in world war II he went about targeting them nutritionally, because he  recognised  what the body could do when equipped the right fuel. So he went away to create a balance of food for himself. This took him over 10 years and 850 special trial formulations before he secured his goal. This was a balance of food that when he took it himself, empowered his body to the extent that he went from a wheel chair to walking unaided.

As a retired millionare from insurance, Robert Montgomery gained an interest in nutrition after he and his wife experienced a number of deaths in their family and saw a connection between poor health and poor nutrition and good health and good nutrition. He and his family were on Dr Theodore's formula for 5 years after they got initially introduced to each other. This lured Robert to approach Dr Theodore with the idea of forming an enterprise based on his formula, so that more people could gain from it. So they got the product patented and Reliv International was born based around a marketing model of Direct Selling/Network Marketing.

The years have seen the firm amass to a multi million dollar organisation with many breakthroughs in nutritional science.

Through a  network of over 66,000 distributors over 15 countries, the corporation is able to get their product into thousands of mouths and with one of the highest-ranking distributor retention rates in the network marketing industry, that number will only live on to increase. They are on a  global expansion, which is continuing their 24 years of uninterrupted growth.

Reliv International are not one of those sky rocket companies that are here today and gone tomorrow, but through consistency and ethics, they are one of the most genuine with longivity.

With all of the breakthroughs happening within their research and development, this ensures Reliv will carry forward to lead the way within nutritional science.

The Chief Scientific Officer is world esteem food sceintist Dr Carl Hastings who also sits on the board of directors of the Council For Responsible Nutrition (CRN)

With all of the ingredients for success, that is why the business opportunity is so substantial and is allowing people to develop full time incomes from home, which can improve into 6 or even 7 figures.

The enterprise has put in place 5 different ways in which a person can form an income, from retail benefit to wholesale, cash bonuses to generous international travel. The enterprise give back nearly half of their earnings  to their distributors, with the peak profit level being 40% and surplus percentages as you work up the plan. On top of that there are car allowances, a jewellery program, health insurance and much more. This is a wealthy plan indeed.

The Reliv System is the main reason why the retention rate of customers and distributors are so strong. It is also the reason why many customers do eventually improve into distributors.

The internet is racing up the game and as the company and distributors decide on it along with the tried and confirmed approaches, this is causing substantial growth.

The final thing to look at is the company's institute, it is named after Dr Theodore and is called the Kalogris Foundation and to date is sustaining over 45,000 children every day in over 270 feeding centres spanning 10 countries. This established institution is catering day-to-day considerable nutrition to these kids and is helping Dr theodore's mandate to be performed. The hope is in the forth coming years, that this total will reach 1,000 000 chidren a day. So the corporate team working with the field is the thing which will make this achievable.

The opinion of the review is, Reliv International has proven itself as one of the foremost companies within the nutritional industry, it is serious and from a business point of view a good investment.

The primary things are the ethics of the company, quality of the products and attitude of the corporate team towards the field. This results in a huge opportunity for any solid entreprenuer

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